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pavarian wrote in longleggedlove
This is the fic journal for pavarian and avarisia . The fanfiction here will predominantly feature Yunho and Changmin from Dong Bang Shin Ki because nothing's hotter than two hot guys with mile long legs getting together. XD

Feel free to watch or friend the community. Promise we won't bite!

Currently still trying to complete the countless fics that we have drafted, so forgive the rather pathetic fic!list. ;_; more to come as and when we finally get the drive to finish them... *sheepish grin*

Fics by pavarian:

- PG, AU, drabble.
In which Changmin lets Yunho know that he has something special planned for tonight.

Not Enough - PG, RL, shortfic
In which Yunho muses over the current JYJ situation.

Fics by avarisia:

New Chapters - PG, AU, chaptered
Changmin works in a bookstore, where a stranger walks in one day.
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Through The Door - PG, AU, Oneshot
A Homin fic set in the Inception Movie AU. Yunho's searching for Changmin in limbo.


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thanx for make a journal of those 2 hottie man with longsexy legs *¬*

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