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long legged love.

the fic community for pavarian and avaris.

[sticky post]So long, farewell..
brb fanfic
pavarian wrote in longleggedlove
So. It's been a rather...long time. Unfortunately bot avarisia nd I have left the TVXQ/Homin fandom for quite awhile, so I'm afraid the fics housed here will no longer be updated. This journal will still remain up as an archive.

Thanks very much for enjoying what we've written and for your kind comments. Sorry we no longer have any inspiration to write further or complete the incomplete fics. ^^;;;

That said, here are some recs for other good fics on the interwebs - 

And if you're interested in harry potter, silmarillion, avengers, xmen, sherlock, inception, or james bond fic, my personal recs collection is here.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment on our fics! <3