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drabble: crossroads
pavarian wrote in longleggedlove
Title: crossroads
Author: pavarian 
Rating: pg

Warnings: none..
Summary: AU. a short drabble wherein changmin is planning something special..
A/N: just a random drabble that came out of nowhere. My first homin so, um, just sharing. ^^;;;; no ending, no real plot either. lol


"...and then Jaejoongie started calling me an idiot, but I really didn't do anything wrong! Why does he always get so protective about his damn kitchen?!!! All I did was try to make ramen; for HIM I might add, and it's not like I MEANT to forget it and - "

Changmin shook his head fondly and leaned closer into Yunho's embrace. Really, the reason why he's so quiet has to be because Yunho does enough talking for the both of them. Trusting his lover to lead him in the right direction, he glanced back towards his cell phone and thumbed through the day's reminders.

The Kiss Day PLAN-
1. Walk in the park - Check
2. Kiss at crossroads
3. Dinner -
    - bribe jaejoong to cook - check
    - bribe junsu and yoochun to stay out - check
    - candles - check
    - present - check
    - lube (vanilla) - check

Satisfied, he snapped his phone shut and looked up again as the clock tower chimed noon in the distance. Crossroads. Perfect. Humming softly he turned back to Yunho who was still ranting about Jaejoong and his bloody kitchen, "He said I can't cook! I can so cook! I made that steak for you remember??! You said you liked it! This is soooo not fair -"

Changmin rolled his eyes and stopped as the green WALK sign came on, fingers tugging hard on Yunho's tie.

"Min-ah, wha-"

Swiftly, he leaned in for the kiss, remembering to put in just enough tongue to make Yunho moan before he stepped back on the pavement. In shock, Yunho gaped back at him, finger on his lip, utterly oblivious to the pedestrians giving them dirty looks.

Smiling, Changmin gently shoved Yunho towards the door. "Shut up. You talk to much. Go to class." Then, in a lower voice, "My place, at 5." He glanced down south and smirked. "I've got something I think you'll like."

Yunho gulped visibly, eyes wide, quiet for once.

"Don't be late~" Changmin sang before turning around and walking towards the car, feeling Yunho's eyes on him. Kiss at crossroads - check. Smugly, he gave himself a pat on the back. Tonight was going to be fun.


A/N: um. comments, onegai? ^^;

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Changmin is soooo funny...
I do really think tonigh will be FUN...
Homin is so sexy... Thanks for sharing &hearts

ahh glad you liked it =) thanks for reading!

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