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Not Enough..
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pavarian wrote in longleggedlove
Title: Not enough.
Pairing: Homin
Rating: G
Warnings: Mildly depressing

Yunho curls up at the windowsill, hands cupped around a steaming mug of chocolate, and stares out at Seoul's city lights. The apartment is so quiet these days he finds it hard to go to bed. He's still not quite sure how it happened. One moment they were the greatest act to grace the world stage, and then in a flash it all goes to crap. He glances down at the magazine on his lap. 'Yunho, leader of top korean group Tohoshinki-'

His lips curve into a sardonic smile. Some leader. In the end he is just as powerless as the next man to keep his group together. Everyone says 'Keep the faith', and he tries, he really does. But faced with the harsh reality, he's not so sure that this would be enough to keep them together anymore. He is the leader. But his group is not together. Everything is wrong. And he does not know how to make it right again.


Stifling a yawn, Changmin pads out of the bedroom, following the ray of light in the living room. He worries for Yunho, left with no project to take his mind off the constant barrage of 'what ifs' and 'maybes'. His hyung has a tendency to depression when alone, never mind the constant smile and positive attitude he shows to the world.

"Yunho..?" He steps closer and wraps his arms round the older man in a hug. "Can't sleep?"

Yunho stirs and reaches behind him to drag Changmin down for a kiss. "Just.. thinking. Missing the others. Wonder what they are doing now in Japan?"

"They'll be alright. Junsu will take care of the crybabies. You know he will be strong enough for the three of them."

"... Will we ever be able to sing together again, you think?"

Changmin tightens his arms around Yunho, resting his head on the older man's shoulder. "We will. Because I recall a certain person once said that he would bring his group members together again. Because he is the leader."

He straightens and drags Yunho from his seat by the window. "You're the reason why we stayed together for so long. You can do this, Yunho. I believe in you. The fans believe. Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu believe. You will find a way to bring us together again. I know you will. Till then, I'll be here to help you. We will find a way together, you and I. And somehow, we will meet the other three in the middle."

"You really think it is possible?"

"Yes. Because you're you. And because you have the genius magnae right here to help you. We'll find a way."

"You'll stay here then? You won't leave?"

"Always, stupid. With you." Changmin tugs impatiently at Yunho's sleeve. "So for the love of all things beautiful and holy will you please come to bed now because my toes are getting cold!"

Yunho smiles and relents, allowing the younger man to guide him to the bedroom. "You're so spoiled. Tell me why I put up with you again?"

"Because you love me, of course."

Changmin relaxes when he hears Yunho chuckle softly. It will be alright. They will get through this, both of them, together, until they find a way to become five again.


A/N: This kinda just appeared after I'd seen JYJ's heartwrenching performance of W that was dedicated to homin. I somehow ended up thinking about Yunho's mindset as the leader. And yes I admit this was partly also me trying to write through my emotions upon learning of JYJ's new album, and watching fancams of that thanksgiving concert. I do support JYJ wholly! I just can't help feeling a little depressed since my homin bias isn't there too T_T    Here's to having faith that they'd stand on the same stage once again...

Comments please? That will really make my day =)

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